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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Our staff is at the Head of the Corrosion Engineering Companies, we have qualified staff and highly specialized for Projects, Calculations, Design, and evaluation of corrosion phenomena and different methods to combat it. Our staff has extensive experience over more than 35 years in this sector and its principal activities are:

Corrosion and Protection Studies:

   ▣ Calculation, design the most appropriate method for each facility.
   ▣ Technical advice to customers.
   ▣ Independent Consulting
   ▣ Surveys, etc.

Technical Assistance and facilities:

   ▣ Monitoring facilities
   ▣ Commissioning of corrosion systems
   ▣ Maintenance Contracts
   ▣ Periodic inspections
   ▣ Recommended Practice.

In sectors such as:

❉NAVAL: Merchant ships, Cargo, Leisure Craft, Passenger ships, Military ships, Tugs, and much more.
❉COASTAL INTALATIONS: Quays, Jetties, Ports and Marinas, Dry Docks and Seawater Cooling Floating plants, and much more.
❉INDUSTRIAL PLANTS: Refineries, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants, Power Generation, Construction companies, Engineering, Processing plants, Storage and Distribution of water and gas, and much more.

To hear more about the full range of services available, click on the link incorr@incorr.eu

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