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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Rust retardant product, formulated in liquid form, is mainly used to form a semi-dry stretch film, protective monolayer for Naval Construction water ballast tanks on ships, drilling platforms, dry docks, and any metallic surface under severe corrosion by sea water and corrosive marine atmosphere in both new installations and those already in service.

PERMAFILM® Can also be used to protect tools and equipment moving parts during shipping and storage outside.


❉ Exceptional corrosion protection with high resistance to immersion in fresh, brackish and saltwater environments as well as aggressive chemicals and salt.
❉ Self-priming.
❉ Significantly reduces the surface preparation adheres to rusty surfaces, but firmly attached, wet surfaces or coatings.
❉ For ease of application is highly economical, saving labor, time and cost of equipment and materials.
❉ Highly polar in nature and effectively displaces water to form a strong bond with the metal. If a coating is damaged, corrosion is localized in the blistering where a high resistance to diffusion and localized corrosion originates within and surrounding areas.
❉ Highly flexible and adaptable to expansions, contractions and bending metal.

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