lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

For the excellent results obtained with anti-corrosive coating for metal wires FLUID FILM ® Wire Rope Dressing, incorporated into the Spanish market, the revolutionary Masto® Lubricator widespread among the leading cable manufacturers with more than 5,000 references throughout the world. Among the many advantages of Masto® Lubricator, we can highlight:

❉ Easy to use works in any position, horizontal, vertical, and any other position.
❉ Clean inside and outside the cable before entering the FLUID FILM ® Wire Rope both inside and outside the cable.
❉ Excellent lubricator.- both inside and outside the wire, even in those very compact cables made such as "non-rotating" and / or multi-threaded.
❉ Widely Extends lubricant life - and thus protecting the cable life.
❉ Save lubricant, Save costs considerably.- labor lubrication other less effective methods (brush, roller, soggy gloves - leather, etc.).
❉ Maximum safety for operators who run the cables.
❉ Can be used with high viscosity lubricants FLUID FILM ® Wire Rope, which spends more time on the cable when compared with those oil-based lubricants or fluids that disappear very quickly and requires very frequent periods of application.

FLUID FILM® WIRE ROPE DRESSING & MASTO Wire Rope Lubricator .- The perfect COMBINATION for Corrosion Protection of metallic cables.

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