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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

The evolution of technology in shipbuilding, the demand for ships capable of being operational for long periods of time without excessive maintenance and the need to build different ships for different applications, have led the demand in this sector to production of products that offer:

FLUID FILM is easy to apply, reliable, durable and features easy maintenance and at very competitive costs.

products, meet this demand with products that comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Register of Ships and the majority of Classification Societies.

The basic constituents of FLUID FILM® are made of wax from the wool .- lanolin.- which are chemically modified to produce substances of high polarity forming a moisture barrier of high tenacity on the surface of metal products, that have been incorporated keen to ensure the migration and penetration of the protective compounds through existing rust / mill scale, softening accordingly oxide particles that are absorbed by the Soft Film. With the passage of time, the lining becomes stronger and the metal surface is completely protected from the corrosive phenomenon.

  ▣ Fluid Film Liquid - A For water ballast tank, spray application or Flotation
  ▣ Fluid Film Liquid AR For water ballast tanks, spray application
  ▣ Fluid Film Gel B (W or N) For water ballast tanks, spray application
  ▣ F.F. Wire Rope Dressing For the protection and lubrication of wire ropes
  ▣ Fluid Film Aerosol For any parts subject to corrosion and need protection and lubrication

For full product range available for each application, click the link incorr@incorr.eu

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