lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

The classic method, but no less effective, prevent corrosion of buried metallic structures is to join electrically the metal we want to protect with another metal more electro-chemically active. This procedure is named.-Sacrificial anodes.

For of cost, production, design, etc. reasons, Metals that are used primarily in high resistivity electrolytes (poor conductors for land, freshwater, etc.). Are magnesium alloy, while for higher conductivity electrolyte (Coastal industries , Sea, etc..) plus magnesium alloy anodes are commonly used zinc and aluminum alloys.

The large number of applications in recent past years that have used this method made that the market use in anodes of these alloys in a wide variety of presentations .- bagged, pre-installed, etc. with different sizes and dimensions to suit every customer need.

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