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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

The effects attributed to Corrosion and Bio-Fouling in the cooling circuits, are not always well known and / or understood and sometimes accepted, until the installation takes a few months in service, where these phenomena begin to appear with permanent stops, repairs and cleaning of these circuits.

No more resigned to become familiar with these phenomena as harmful, many trials have been up today to fight, but different disadvantages in each of these systems has been relegated obsolete, until the appearance of MAGICOrr® system, accepted by environmental authorities and complementary to any choice of corrosion resistant materials and coatings in cooling circuits of seawater.

Based on the electrolytic addiction of economic elements and safe use (aluminum base alloys, copper and iron) in an optimum level as both Corrosion and against Bio-Fouling for the cooling base steel, copper and other metals base that make up the cooling.

The "SOUL" of this system is the Control Power Unit C.P.U (that constantly monitors the level of corrosion-protection potential of the structure), its current design informs the user of the time when it recommended the renewal of the anode material and point where it begins to be essential for renewal, this will lead to the entire installation´s cooling system for optimum protection against Corrosion & Bio-Fouling. The incorporation of these sensors makes the control system of MAGICOrr®, be considered as an unattended system.

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