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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Ingeniería de Corrosión InCorr S.L. is a company formed by highly formed engineers, specialized in projects, calculations, design, and evaluation of corrosion phenomena and methods to combat it. Our staff has extensive experience of over more than 35 years in both the Naval - Maritime (Ships, Quays, Jetties, Docks, and much more.) As well as in the industrial sector (Refineries, Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants, etc. etc.)

Our knowledge combined with our extensive experience with over more than 2,000 Corrosion Protection Projects over all these 35 years, we guarantee to provide superior service and highly competitive prices.

Also in our desire to provide better service every day and offer our customers, not only limit ourselves to develop products that best suit to our customers, but attending Fairs, Congresses, Specialized Meetings, etc, having the best products and the most updated European and International Market.

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